Higglers part 1
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Published on Jul 8, 2011
Published on Jul 8, 2011

This hilarious show tells the riotous tale of Jamaica's feisty street vendors, HIGGLERS the number one force behind the islands economy. A brilliant and hugely successful Ginger Knight script, HIGGLERS gives the low down on the true force that runs Jamaica -- this is retail therapy at its most dangerous!

Starring: Audrey Reid Dennis Titus Charles Tomlin Vas Blackwood

Girlie, Pearl and Tony are three higglers determinedly making a living from their juggling on the roadside. Girlie has had a rough childhood and is estranged from her father whom she blames for he mothers death. When she was in school her father also had a relationship with her schoolmate Desiree, who, at the time was her friend. Pearl another school friend is also a higgler.

Tony is the third higgler around whom the plot is weaved. Married to Desiree, who made it through high school with Girlie's and Pearl's help, he rebels and sets out on the streets and become a most successful higgler. He eventually leaves Desiree and she vows to win him back.

When he lost his job Desiree, who is a domineering control freak, takes care of him, but demands his complete obedience. This is the situation that drove him away from her.

The love/hate mix up between Tony, Desiree, Pearl, Girlie and Trevor, Pearl's gunman boyfriend, brings much excitement and humour, but also reveals tenderness and caring in the two major characters.

We see all the travails of the higgler running from the police; battling with unsympathetic customs officers; facing thieves and robbers; and dealing with the insult of some road users; Pearls boyfriend is also involved in the drug trade, and that too has an impact on the play. There are also other travails like the burning down of the arcade.

To top it all off, Desiree wishes Tony to leave the street side and return home to her. She challenges and insults Girlie and Pearl and eventually Girlie attacks her, ushering in another piece of drama to their lives. In the end, as in all good comedy, every thing works out well. The wicked get their just reward and the lovers still come together.

Production: Blue Mountian Theatre

Category: Comedy